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Crossroads Cottage


If you have a stay booked with us that is no longer possible due to COVID, please refer to our Terms and Conditions HERE

Please note the following for when we are able to re-open: 

Changes to my Stay

When you arrive , you may notice that some finer touches don’t look quite as they do in the photographs of the accommodation, and this is due to measures we have had to take to allow re-opening to be feasible. Examples of this are that we have removed hot water bottles, and the number of blankets available, as well as providing consumable goods like tea and coffee in single use sachet format rather than canisters. 

In order to fulfil what is asked of us by the Scottish government in order to open safely, we do need to make sure that we have the following up to date details for you for Track and Trace purposes in case there is an outbreak: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address.

Check-in will be contact free (as usual). You will receive a code to a key-safe, which will contain the sanitised key to the cottage.

Please do not arrive before 4pm - the additional steps for disinfecting extends the time it takes to change over and we are working hard to ensure we have everything ready for 4pm.

Check-out is also contactless, with the key being replaced in the key-safe. The housekeeper will disinfect the key for the next guest. When you leave, please do so promptly by 10am to allow our cleaners inside in good time.

Bedding - we have been requested to ask that guests strip the linen from the beds before checking out of the property, in order to decrease the risk of making the virus air borne with disturbance. There will be a clear zip bag left in the bedroom for you to place this linen into upon check-out. Please strip the bottom sheet, duvet, pillow cases and towels into this bag. Any mattress and pillow protectors, blankets, cushions, cloths or tea-towels are laundered separately, so the cleaners will collect these, there is no need to remove these.

Windows - please leave the windows open to ventilate the space, this will ensure that there is no air borne virus in the property as advised by the WHO.

Rubbish - please bag all of your rubbish and dispose of in the appropriate bins. Spare bin bags are provided under the sink should you require them.

We wouldn’t usually ask for so much assistance in housekeeping roles, however we have been required to put these protocols in place in order to host you, and would truly appreciate your help in keeping us all safe and compliant.

Please rest assured that the housekeeping staff have been trained regarding COVID implications and protocols. PPE is worn throughout the cleaning and sanitising of the cottage, and all linens are laundered at high temperatures between each stay. Investment has been made into compliant chemicals and materials to ensure the very best cleaning practices available to us in order to protect our guests. Health & Safety policies to include COVID-19 policies are available on request. 

According to UK Hospitality guidelines in Scotland, if a guest presents themselves with symptoms of Covid-19 or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, they should be advised to check out and return home to self-isolate according to current government guidance. If the guest has acute symptoms, has breathing difficulties, or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately. Please bear this guidance in mind during your stay and your journey to us. Prior to arriving, if any of your group have Covid-19 or are experiencing symptoms they should not come to Crossroads Cottage. Contact 111 and they will advise on what to do and please also make us aware.

We do very much look forward to hosting you for your upcoming stay, and hope that despite the more unusual protocols at the moment, it provides a welcome break from the strange few months we have all found ourselves in.